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Anything goes anime

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This community is for those who are part of or go to Anything Goes Anime Club in FIU.
Here you can post anything from the meeting or any anime related thing.


1. Don't disrespect other members. Any disrespecting and there will be problems.
2. Only post things from the meeting or anime related. Anything else will be deleted.
3. You can post pictures but remember to use a LJ cut. Here's some info on the LJ Tags.
4. If you start trouble or members are having problems with you, This will happen:

+ You will get 2 warnings. If you still keep causing trouble then you will be banned from this community.
+ If you disrespect any of the members by calling them names or making threats and etc...you will be banned.


We will be having polls every 4 months or so when We change layouts.
Layouts will be made for the animes that have been voted for in the
meetings. We will make a post letting you guys know when its time to vote. *Note*
The layout will take long If your on dial up but if your on dsl you will have no problems.

Message to the Anything goes anime staff

If you guys have a live journal and would like to be moderators, Just Send me
a email or instant message me at bobo Starz. I will gladly make you a moderator.

Message from us

We do not, I repeat, do not run the Anything Goes Anime Club in FIU. This community
was just created for those who would like to update the other members with any info
from the club. Again we do not run the club or the site. Visit their site or email them
If you have any concerns.


If I haven't gone to the meetings or don't even live in Miami can I still join?

Yes you can. Anyone can join! Just remember to stick to anime related topics.

~ * ~

If you have any concerns or problems or even hate mail you can send me a email.